Training and Support

Training Towards Digital Journey, Supporting Throughout Operation.

AvienTech provides training and support for corporate clients in full swing making sure every employee with access to the IT infrastructure does everything right in their digital journey. And Regular IT support is the side dish to ensure uninterrupted service 24/7.


For any business going digital or advancing with modern technology training is inevitable. Be it a simple website or a large-scale ERP, your employees need the proper knowledge and guidance to run it properly. Besides, regular maintenance and system check-up is a must to keep everything secured. And here comes AvienTech to train your people and support your IT infrastructure from the ground up. With years of experience in the field, our trainers ensure trainees understand and learn exactly what they need to keep your IT infrastructure on the right path while our expert support team is always there by your side for regular and periodical maintenance of your system. So, whatever it is our training and support team got you covered – system literacy, software operation, server maintenance, cloud scaling, system security and more.


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