Easy School Management Software in Bangladesh

Easy School Management Software in Bangladesh

For small schools with limited budgets

Schools with restricted budgets face challenges involving funds which can contribute to a decrease in parents’ engagement and participation. The majority of parents in this era depend on their smartphones for communication. easySchool facilitates these schools by simplifying their communication outreach to today’s tech-centric parents. Additionally, easySchool assists schools in boosting their admissions by connecting them to their community through their excellent and affordability-based marketing system. User-Friendly School Management Software – Simplify School Administration, Attendance, Communication.

In the fast-paced world we live in, maintaining an effective flow of communication between parents and schools is a constant struggle. Schools require engaged and responsive parents to function smoothly and efficiently. Yet, as work and family commitments collide, families often grapple with the balance. The rise of dual-income households, with 55% recorded in 2016 according to the Pew Research Center, has seen this situation escalate. Therefore, it is crucial for schools to employ an efficient school management system that will keep parents updated on their child’s school activities and events. For instance, impending events can be signaled through a school administration app, helping parents keep track of important school-related occasions. Traditional paper notices tend to get discarded or forgotten among other school materials brought home. This emphasizes the need for concise, attention-grabbing content delivered to parents’ mobile phones through a school management app.

The most effective software for school management to interact with parents.

Small schools, often limited in technological infrastructure and resources, are consistently seeking the perfect strategy to market themselves and interact with parents. With the internet traffic decreasing rapidly as more people access content on mobile devices, what is a school’s strategy? Enter easySchool! This cutting-edge school management system allows schools to send reminders via a mass-texting service. These messages are simple to read and access, saving the school administrators significant time and money. But easySchool isn’t just about sending bulk text messages from school. It offers various parent communication and notification services, setting it apart from other systems. These services include mass text communication, updates on classes and teachers, parent conference schedulers, accident and incident reports, and automatic school reminders.

Pricing for easy school administrative software

The digital and internet-based system of easySchool is user-friendly and easy to maintain, serving as an avenue for schools to store, monitor, and organize student data. This uncomplicated online educational software provides the means for an educational establishment to simplify its data reporting process. Moreover, this is available at a cost-effective price for budget-conscious schools, with monthly rates starting at just $75.00.

Real reviews from some schools

easySchool is a forward-thinking school administrative and management tool aimed at enhancing parental interaction. It serves as an economical solution for smaller schools seeking a facile transition to the digital age and aiming for paper and money conservation. easySchool has been efficiently used by an array of schools, including private and Montessori schools, and has notably boosted parent involvement.

Website Features

✅ Detailed information about the organization
✅ Organization logo
✅ Head teacher’s message
✅ Board of Directors
✅ Faculty of the institution
✅ Student of the institution Notice board
✅ Important links
✅ News updates
✅ Current Activities
✅ Contact information
✅ Gallery
✅ Result
✅ Student list

Admin Features

✅ Online student admission.
✅ List of all students.
✅ Student login panel.
✅ Information for all parents.
✅ Parent Login
✅ Teacher/Staff Information.
✅ Teacher / Staff Login.
✅ Calculation of leave payment.
✅ Homework and assignments.

Website Screenshot


  • Deshgaon Degree College
  • Hasandi Bejoynagar Nari Shikkha Nikatan
  • Bejoynagar High School
  • Nurul Ulum Islamia Dakhil Madrasha
  • Palishara High School
  • Khas Kakua High School
  • Jagannathpur Haji Ershad Miah High School
  • Palerhat Public High School
  • Hajigonj Amin Memorial High School

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